Which Home Styles Are Selling the Fastest?

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At W.B. Homes, we’re always mindful of changing market trends. Today’s homebuyers want different things than home buyers from ten years ago. As preferences and style choices change, we update our homes and offerings to match. That’s why we have three of the most popular home types available to choose from: carriage, single-family, and townhome. When you decide to build with us, you’ll get the chance to pick which one best suits your family’s needs. Here are some of the most common reasons why homeowners love these three types of homes right now.

Big and Beautiful Single Family Homes

There’s a huge demand for single-family homes on the real estate market. According to the 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, detached single-family homes were the most popular type purchased in 2019 – and by an extremely wide margin. They’re even popular across all age groups, from people in their twenties to people in their sixties and older. So if a single-family home from W.B. Homes catches your interest, you are certainly not alone.

There are a lot of reasons why single-family homes are so sought after. They’re often spacious and have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate the whole family. They also have a lot of square footage to offer, and at W.B. Homes, our models have anywhere from 2,538 sq. ft. to 6,070 sq. ft. They’re perfect for anyone who needs to upgrade, such as growing families in need of more bedrooms. In addition, this type of home features multi-car garages, exquisite features like two-story foyers, expansive owner’s suites, and much more.

Upscale Carriage Homes

Carriage style houses are also single-family homes, but they feature their own set of defining characteristics. With an average of three to five bedrooms, they offer ample space for many homebuyers and their families. They typically have less square footage than larger single-family homes, which makes them great starter homes. Young buyers who are just starting out often gravitate towards this style, but they’re an attractive option for buyers of all ages.

Maintenance-Free Townhomes

In the 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report mentioned earlier, statistics show that townhomes were also quite popular among buyers in 2019. Townhouses are a wonderful choice for anyone looking for something low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about cutting grass or dealing with other landscape upkeep. In addition, because townhomes are situated close together, there’s a great sense of community that develops. Plus, the neighborhoods are usually centrally located, giving you access to everything you need within minutes.

Compared to the other two styles on this list, townhomes have the least amount of square footage. For that reason, they’re especially popular with single buyers and young families, as well as senior buyers who may be looking to downsize.

Which Type of Home Will You Choose?

Examining the current state of the market, we know that all three of these home styles are popular right now. But only one will be right for you. Explore all the different models we offer to discover your next home today. When you build with W.B. Homes, you’ll get to add on the finishing touches to make any house feel like it’s truly yours. Or, you can select a quick move-in ready home. Give us a call at 215-800-3075 to learn more.

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