8 Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

Collegeville PA homes are in demand as more people leave crowded East Coast cities and move to the suburbs. If you’ve been considering doing the same, here are 8 reasons why moving to the suburbs can improve your quality of life:

  1. You can get more value for the money. The same dollar amount can usually buy a bigger or better-quality house in the suburbs than you would be able to get in a good neighborhood in town.
  2. Less traffic, noise and pollution. The suburbs are generally quieter than the city, the air is cleaner and there are fewer crowds.
  3. Easy access to convenient shopping, dining and entertainment. Most shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment venues in suburban areas have large free parking lots. New home communities are often built in close proximity to these conveniences.
  4. More family-friendly. Suburban neighborhoods often attract families with kids. If you have children, they’re more likely to find friends in their own neighborhood than they would in a city. Schools are often better, easier to get to and more close-knit as well.
  5. Yards for dogs to play in and get exercise. If you have dogs, you’ll appreciate having a yard where they can play. Suburban communities may have walking trails where you and your pet can enjoy fresh air and get some exercise together.
  6. More space. Homes and yards are generally larger in the suburbs. Kids can play indoors or out, and suburban homes have enough rooms for everyone in the family to have their own space.
  7. Less crime. The suburbs are statistically safer than cities, due in large part to a lower number of residents.
  8. City access. Many suburban areas, such as Collegeville PA, are far enough from the city to enjoy all these advantages while still offering reasonable commutes to the city for work or special events.

W.B. Homes can build your dream home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We offer townhomes, carriage homes and single family homes in attractive new home communities. Founders Estate at Providence is coming soon to Collegeville. The community will feature single-family estate homes in Upper Providence Township.

Call W.B. Homes today at 215-800-3075 to start planning your new suburban home with us or to get on our VIP information list for the Founders Estate community of Collegeville PA homes.

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