A Healthier Home with W.B Homes + Aprilaire

Over the past few years in particular, people have become more concerned about the air quality in their home and the importance of air flow and filtration. While codes have been updated for new construction homes to increase air circulation, we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure our luxury townhomes in Montgomeryville AL offer the best quality of air circulation and filtration.

To make our homes as healthy as possible, we use the Aprilaire whole-house fresh air ventilation system. This system works on multiple levels, providing fresh air ventilation, air purification, and humidity control. This ensures you have clean, healthy air circulating throughout your home. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers has made clear that the best way to avoid a buildup of airborne viruses in your home is through the management of ventilation, filtration, and humidity.

Part of the way the Aprilaire system works is by keeping your home positively pressurized. This means air in the home is always being forced out, preventing unwanted air from entering the home. The key aspect is that while you do want fresh air in your home, you want it to enter through controlled areas, not through uncontrolled areas such as window and door seams, attic spaces, air leaks, etc.  With the positive pressure in the home, air is only allowed in through designated locations where it can be filtered to remove harmful particulates that include allergens, mold spores, and viruses. Furthermore, humidity is measured and only allowed in if it meets your system’s standards. Controlling humidity also helps to reduce and eliminate potential mold.

Once the air is filtered and the humidity level is appropriate, you have fresh clean air that is circulated through your entire home. There is constant circulation, so that air is pushed out to make room for new, fresher air, resulting in a healthier home.

The Aprilaire system removes up to 96% of virus-sized particles, which goes a long way to keeping your home safe and healthy for all ages. Plus, no one wants to be breathing in stagnant air, so with this system, you know you’re always receiving fresh air that keeps you healthy and keeps your home feeling fresher, as well. If you’re interested in the Aprilaire system and our Towns at Higher Rock community, contact us today to get a fresh take on living in one of our luxurious and healthy townhomes in Montgomeryville PA.

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