Best Interior Design Trends of 2022

After nearly two years of spending a lot of time at home, a lot of people are looking for new homes in Collegeville PA that better fit their needs and lifestyle. They’re also looking for new design trends, with many having grown bored with some of the previous trends that tended toward softer and more neutral colors. Now, texture, print, and color are all taking center stage in the trends for 2022. You don’t have to embrace them all, but take a look at the new ideas and consider incorporating them into your new home for a fresh start to 2022.

Wallpaper is back, but with new styles and applications. In fact, textured walls in some form are popping up all over the place. Wallpapers, some of which are textured, as well as printed, are being used for part of the wall, often an upper section with the lower section featuring board and batten. Alternatively, wood tile isn’t just for floors anymore; many are using it on at least one wall for a new take on texture. Generally, these uses are more of a featured wall application, rather than the full room, though some are going bold with bright colors and bold prints for the wallpaper and using it throughout a room. The level of daring is up to you!

Solid white kitchens are saying goodbye, with more color showing up in cabinetry in particular. Natural wood is also making a reappearance, in cabinets, counters, and open shelving. Mixing and matching is also an option, with lighter colored cabinets — even white — on the upper level and darker blue or deep green cabinets for the lower level, with the natural wood making an accent appearance in open shelves.

On one hand, vintage and, more specifically, antique furniture, are making a comeback, with antique china cabinets, tables, sideboards and more being used throughout a home, often mixed with more contemporary pieces. To add new life, those antique pieces are being used in less typical places. For example, sideboards are showing up in bedrooms.

On the other hand, antique furniture tends to look delicate or very upright and severe. To soften the inclusion of these pieces, truly comfortable furniture is replacing the straighter lines of mid-century. Even if you don’t include antique pieces, you should look for comfortable furniture. Side chairs, sofas, foot rests and more should be comfortable: a little more rounded, soft, and padded, and somewhere you can sit and stretch out in true comfort.

Finally, just as kitchens are seeing more color, the whole home is seeing more color, especially in living rooms. Color and pattern dominate, creating an eclectic, unique look, without being garish. Use a solid color for the sofa, but make it a bold color. Pair it with printed throw pillows, a patterned rug, and side chairs with colorful patterns. You can keep the walls neutral to balance out all of this color and pattern, but consider using solid color curtains in a color that complements the rest of the room, without necessarily actually matching the room. Play around with the color wheel, looking for colors and shades that work well, even if they’re somewhat unexpected. When you add in the prints, look for dominant colors that work with any solid bold colors to help the room be interesting rather than an eye sore. You can always start smaller and add more color and prints as you get used to the room.

The biggest trend is to create rooms in which you’re comfortable and that are a representation of your personal taste. Explore the trends, see what works for you and make the most of our design centers if you’re purchasing one of our new homes in Collegeville PA. A new home is a great opportunity to start fresh and try something new and exciting. Contact us today to learn more about our homes and building process.

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