Built to Use Less | Energy Efficiency and your W.B. Home

Your brand new W.B. home is designed to keep the planet and your pocket happy.  Outdated appliances and inefficient construction can leave you hanging out to dry when it comes to your monthly utility bills.  Discover the green benefits of buying with W.B. below:


W.B. Caulk and Seal

During the bare-bones construction of your new W.B. home, all exterior and floor penetrations are caulked and sealed to virtually eliminate unwanted air infiltration throughout.  Additional sealant around doors and windows prevents air leakage and keeps your home comfy by maximizing the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system.


Energy efficient windows

Windows play a huge part in the overall energy efficiency of your home.  Low-E (low emissive) glass keeps extra heat out in the summertime and traps heat inside during the colder months, putting less stress on your heating and cooling system and keeping your W. B. home at the desired temperature. As an added benefit,  the Low-E UV protection helps prevent fading and discoloration in your furniture, carpeting, and flooring.  Living in Pennsylvania, you never know what kind of weather to expect, but your W.B. home is ready either way!


Honeywell digital programmable setback thermostat

Using energy when you need it and not wasting it when you don’t – the Honeywell programmable thermostat lets you automatically regulate your new W.B. home’s temperature throughout the day.  When the family is away, keep your home’s system running less and have it automatically readjust before you get in, saving money and always having your W.B. home at the ideal temperature when you walk in the door.


Energy-Star rated appliances

An Energy Star label ensures that your appliance meets the strict guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), helping the planet AND saving you money.  Win-win!

Quick-recovery gas hot water heater – Despite popular belief, tank size isn’t the only factor at play when it comes to your home’s hot water heater. An appliance with a fast recovery rate and the right-sized tank ensures that you don’t run out of hot water when you need it (aka, no more cold showers when you’re last in line for the bathroom in the morning).  An Energy-Star rating here means you use less energy to run your system while maximizing efficiency.  The added benefit of using natural gas as a fuel source helps save even more!

90% efficiency HVAC system – 90% efficiency means that 90% of the gas used to power your system is converted into energy, which in turn is used to heat or cool your W.B. home. Energy efficient HVAC systems are generally quieter and have motors that use less electricity.

Dishwasher – Hand washing is a thing of the past in your new home with an Energy-Star rated dishwasher.  Improved performance through better water filtration, enhanced jets, and optimum rack design combine with reduced energy and water usage to ensure that your dishes come out sparkling while using less resources.

Water-saving faucets and plumbing fixtures

Using less water is a no-brainer.  The included faucets, commodes, and shower heads throughout your new W.B. home are designed to conserve water while providing maximum pressure without any difference in the rate of water flow.

Meet Donna, Your Trusted New Home Advisor

As a helpful resource, Donna’s here for you. She knows all about the neighborhoods we build and can help guide you towards making the best decisions about your perfect W.B. home.