Easy and Affordable Updates for your Outdoor Space this Summer

It’s summertime and the living is always easier when you can open the doors and extend your living space outdoors. This is especially true at W.B. Homes’ Overlook at Gwynedd community where the Gwynedd Nature Preserve is right outside your door.   And now is the perfect time to update your outdoor spaces to ensure they celebrate outdoor living and serve as an inviting extension of your home.

Creating an elegant, traditional or modern outdoor area does not need to be complicated or costly. Here are some innovative ideas to help you create some outdoor magic without breaking the bank.

7 Ways to Refresh your Outdoor Space

  • Believe in the power of plants– Nothing creates a feeling of an oasis better than plants. Whether you opt for flowers, tropical plants with interesting foliage or cascading vines, you’ll be adding a freshness to your space. Choose elegant pots and planters to house them and use them to define a conversation pit or dining area. Alternatively, a row of planters or a trellis abundant with vines can serve as a privacy screen.
  • Refresh your cushions– Outdoor cushions take a beating under the heat. They may fade or stain so replace them – or at least their covers! Nothing updates or changes a look of a space as effectively as carefully chosen, interesting accent pillows. They will add a punch of colour, texture or whimsy to otherwise monochromatic upholstered, wooden or rattan outdoor furniture.
  • Install exterior lighting – Exterior lighting is essential for setting the mood. Lighting creates a magical intimacy that is perfect for al fresco living. If you have a covered patio or gazebo, consider stringing lights along the structure’s frame or add drama with a multi-tier outdoor chandelier. Lanterns, of course, are a perfect option too and now come in countless shapes and sizes.  Thankfully, LED and battery technology have come a long way so cordless lamps and lanterns run longer and offer a better quality of light than ever before.
  • Add a rug – Adding a beautiful outdoor rug is a great way to articulate, and soften, an outdoor space. Depending on your design aesthetic, the rug you choose can set the tone or theme of your space. Bold geometric patterns evoke a mid-century or tropical vibe, for example, while more muted choices create a quieter, more soothing atmosphere.
  • Introduce natural elements – Simple tree stumps or upturned wicker baskets can serve as attractive side tables adding elegant rusticity to your space. Make sure you top with a pretty plant, vase with fresh bloom or a lantern to complete the pretty picture!
  • Consider a ‘hang out’ – Install a hanging chaise or a hammock to add extra seating and boho charm. Imagine swinging slowly, sipping lemonade and daydreaming at the end of a long day.  With a generous patio right off the great room, and an option for an extended covered porch, the Leighton floor plan at Overlook at Gwynedd is perfect for one of these.
  • Create shade – Depending on where you live, a fully exposed outdoor area might be out of the question due to high temperatures. Consider an umbrella, awning or minimalist shade to protect from the harsh sunlight and/or rain if your area is uncovered.

A summer refresh needn’t be complicated. Following any of these simple suggestions will update and improve your space, inviting you to spend more time outdoors.

For additional information on the Leighton Floor plan or other homes available at the Overlook at Gwynedd community, be sure to reach out to W.B. Homes trusted new home advisor, Donna.

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