Fun Activities Kids Can Do at Home

Summer is almost here! With school no longer in session, kids will be looking for fun things to do at their homes in Montgomery County PA. We’ve found a few ideas for keeping kids busy indoors or out.

Scavenger hunt

Leave a trail of clues around the house or yard to lead your kid to a small treasure. Adjust the difficulty level to suit your child’s age and the amount of time you want to keep him busy.

Cardboard box building

Give kids a couple of cardboard boxes and some art supplies to make a house, store or barn for their dolls or toy animals. Encourage them to make it as realistic or creative as possible.

Book club

Start a weekly book club with school-age kids. Read the same book and then set a time to sit down and discuss it together. Make it even more fun by having a snack inspired by the story.

Simon Says

This traditional game can be a sneaky way to get kids to exercise. “Simon says do 20 jumping jacks!” Let them take turns leading the game.

Make collages

All you need for this is a pile of magazines, glue, scissors and some paper for the background. Kids can cut up magazines to make collages representing their favorite foods, hobbies, places or life goals.

Obstacle course

Set up a series of age-appropriate obstacles indoors or out and challenge the kids to get through them as fast as they can. This can be an ongoing activity with the obstacles changing as kids become more skilled at completing the course.

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