Furnishing Your New Home for Comfort and Aesthetics

new living room and kitchen layoutWith so many options to choose from, choosing the right furniture to match the style of your new home can be overwhelming. Decorating your home with furnishings is a big step toward turning your new house into a home, but without a plan in place, what should be a creative and fun endeavor can become frustrating. Follow these tips to make the process smoother.

Choose Your Style

If you haven’t yet identified your personal style, start with the basics for your new home furnishings. When designing your home, explore a variety of colors and textures for the walls and floors. Use these choices as a starting point for your furniture. For a casual look, opt for textured fabrics in classic colors. If you’ve chosen a contemporary home design, modern furnishings like glass tables and stainless steel can help you create a trendy atmosphere. If you’re set on a more traditional approach, look for natural wood, florals and heavier pieces.

Start With The Basics Of New Home Furnishings

Unless you have a few special items in your inventory, you’ll probably want to furnish your new home with updated furnishings. Start by taking note of what you have, then coordinate your selections with what you need.

Start with the basics. Choose a paint color for your walls and floors for every room in your home. If you prefer carpet, there are different textures, piles and colors that are at your disposal, or opt for tile for your bathroom and entry, which makes the area easier to keep clean. In the kitchen, select appliances based on quality to ensure they bring you years of use in your new home, and consider the colors for your backsplash and tiles before deciding on furniture pieces.

Maximize Your Space

When planning to decorate your new home, consider the size and layout of each room. For oversized family rooms and bedrooms, choose larger, solid pieces that are proportional to the environment. A sectional sofa is idea for large families with children, while a love seat works well for couples or singles starting out. In children’s rooms, consider an armoire or floating shelves to help maximize the use of vertical space and free up valuable floor space. One of the greatest benefits to building your new home is that you can customize each room with functional built-ins that reduce the number of furnishings you need and help keep the room neat and tidy by hiding clutter.

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