How to Make the Most of a Minimalist Home Décor

Sometimes the best way to get out from under all of the clutter of our lives is to move into one of the new homes in Royersford PA. The Everleigh community of townhomes offers low-maintenance living, but with all of the features and personalizations you want and need to fit your lifestyle. Plus, if  you’re looking to live a more minimalist lifestyle, here are some tips to make the most of your new home’s decor. After all, minimalism is about combining function and form in every item.

Most people think minimalism is just a matter of having fewer things. Yet the true concept of minimalism is ensuring every item is useful, as well as attractive. Certainly, fewer items, clean lines and muted colors tend to be more dominant, but you can still create a warm, inviting, and comfortable home that still promotes the concepts of minimalism.

When it comes to furniture, you do want to keep the number of pieces to a minimum, but you can always choose large, clean-lined options. Cabinets can be your best friend. Look for ones that are long or tall, and ideally they should have doors to hide the contents. One wall of low cabinets is great for providing the inevitable storage people need, while a wall of ceiling-height cabinets offer additional storage, ideal for books, clothing, or even storing away baskets of toys. Sideboards are also a great option and they often come with softer edges and in brighter colors, letting you add some softness and color, while still maintaining a clean, open look to your home.

Minimalism isn’t devoid of decoration or color; it’s just more selective. If anything, you can keep different pieces for different seasons, bringing out different decorations throughout the year, which also helps keep your home feeling more fresh and interesting.

Don’t be afraid of color, either. A bold accent wall with the rest of the walls in a lighter shade or a more neutral shade can add visual appeal and solid white walls aren’t absolutely necessary. Of course, you could choose to keep your walls white and use your furniture and a few bold works of art to add color to your room.

Bare wood or even concrete floors are often a part of minimalist design, but you can always choose to go with warmer or darker woods or even tile that mimics wood. Bamboo is also a popular and environmentally sound option. Rugs can be a part of a minimalist design, though. They can be in solid colors, but you can also use them to bring in subtle patterns. Consider using them to frame certain areas, such as a sitting area or even your main bed, which also provides you with somewhere soft and comfortable to step when you first get out of bed.

Ultimately, the extent of minimalism you choose for your home is up to you. However, if you’re serious about aiming for a more minimalist style, make sure you have items that allow for extensive storage of the bulk of your daily items so that you can leave just a few simple decorations out to focus on, rather than having competing pieces. This also means decluttering and getting rid of a lot of things that you know you just don’t use anymore. Moving is a great time to really be brutal and donate, recycle, or toss anything that you truly don’t need. Once moved in, you’ll soon see how little you really do need on a day to day basis and you’ll appreciate the calmness that comes with a minimalist decor. You may even want to unpack only the basics at first and gradually add items back in if you need them. After a while, you will find other items you can get rid of easily.

There is a new phase of homes open at Everleigh, including models to visit that are sure to inspire you. If you’re looking to start fresh and orderly in one of the new homes in Royersford PA, contact us today to learn more about seeing this new phase for yourself.

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