How to Use Plants to Create Privacy in Your Yard

One of the best ways to create backyard privacy for new homes in Montgomery County PA is to use plants. They are softer and friendlier than a fence and usually more attractive as well. In some communities fences aren’t permitted or might seem un-neighborly. If you need privacy in your backyard, consider using plants in plant boxes instead.

For year-round privacy, choose an evergreen suited to your climate and soil. In areas that only require some privacy in the summer, such as a swimming pool or patio, you can use deciduous plants or annuals.

With any plant, do some research before you purchase them. Make sure they’ll thrive in your area. Find out how big they’ll get and how fast they’ll grow. You don’t want to wait ten years for those bushes to grow tall enough to screen your deck. On the other hand, a plant that grows fast might be too much work. Will you have to prune it every year or can you plant it and (almost) forget it?

Here are some popular privacy plants to consider for your backyard:


We used this tall shrub in the backyard of our Allendale model home and it looks great. It comes in many colors and sizes and grows in a wide range of conditions.


This traditional favorite can create a ‘living wall’ of dense evergreen foliage. It’s easy to care for and grows well in most soil conditions. They also come in various sizes.


Grows up to 2 or 3 feet each year with good care. It must be pruned regularly to maintain its shape. Privet blooms with aromatic flowers in the spring.


Spiky leaves make holly a physical deterrent as well as a visual one. It’s available in tree or shrub form. Soft-leaved varieties are also available.

If you love plants, you’ll appreciate the beautiful landscaping in our new home communities in eastern Pennsylvania. We have 3 communities currently building in Montgomery County and another coming soon. We serve a range of living styles with our luxurious townhomes, carriage homes and single-family estate homes.

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