The Rise of Quick Move-In Homes

quick move-in towhomesIf you’re in the process of searching for a brand-new home, you’re likely facing many decisions regarding location, finances and design. Depending on your preferences, you could also be encountering delays in your timeline. But what if there were newly constructed homes in your dream neighborhood that you could move into in a matter of weeks? Luckily, this is entirely possible with help from W.B. Homes, Inc. Here’s a look at why quick move-in homes have become so popular.

What is a quick move-in home?

Also known as inventory homes or spec homes, quick move-in homes are intended to sell fast ­–typically within 30 days – and are completely ready for immediate occupancy. Our quick move-ins are meticulously designed with the latest features and upgrades, such as modern fireplaces, luxurious kitchen and bathroom finishes and more. That means when you move in, all you need to bring is the furniture.

Why are these homes in such high demand?

When prospective homeowners begin the process of navigating their local real estate market, it often quickly becomes evident that they may not be able to secure a brand-new home in their dream neighborhood. In most cases, construction of new homes has slowed or closed out in the area they were hoping for, forcing their search to take them in a different direction.

But quick move-in homes provide an answer to that dilemma. Many neighborhood developers have a supply of these homes on reserve for homeowners who are banking on living in a specific area. Whether the location is close to work or in a great school district, quick move-in homes provide additional opportunities to move into new construction in a desired area – a chance that may have not been present otherwise. That’s why W.B. Homes, Inc. maintains an active inventory of appealing quick move-in homes in Bucks County, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.

What are some other advantages?

More and more homebuyers are finding a host of benefits when it comes to the quick move-in home purchasing process. For one, the timeline is much more appealing and less complicated than building a home from the ground up. Since the interior design is taken care of by our team of experts and the home’s construction is complete, there is no risk of a delay, and you can save time without having to attend design and construction appointments.

Likewise, since most quick move-in home sales are closed within a month, they serve as a great option for those who need to relocate to start a new job, be closer to family and other reasons. With such a fast turnaround and less decisions to make along the way, these homes allow you to still enjoy the luxuries of new construction in a wider selection of neighborhoods. That means you won’t have to settle on a house that only suits your timeline and nothing else.

With any move, finances are always top of mind, and when it comes to buying a new home, the interest rate on your mortgage could be tricky to navigate. With such a fast closing process, quick move-in homes offer you the chance to lock in your interest rate before it rises any higher.

How can I find a quick move-in home?

If the idea of quick move-in homes is appealing to you and your family, W.B. Homes, Inc. is here to help you find the perfect location. Our collection of available homes features townhomes, carriage-style houses and single-family homes in the most desirable neighborhoods across Bucks County and Montgomery County. For more information, contact us today.

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