Keep Your Home Looking Its Best: General Maintenance

new bathroom decorWe all want a beautiful home. Whether your in-laws are coming for the weekend, you’re hosting a dinner party, or you’ll simply be relaxing with family, a well-kept house makes every moment more enjoyable. Yet everyone seems busier today than ever before, and work, school, and social commitments make it hard to keep up on the general maintenance that keeps a home looking great. Fortunately, you won’t have to call in the pros to take care of many important aspects of home care. Check out a few general home maintenance tips from W.B. Homes to make the job simple.

Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing every visitor sees upon arrival. It’s your chance to make a positive first impression, and with just a little effort, it’s sure to make an immediate impact. Accordingly, one of the most important things you can do is to touch-up your home’s exterior paint job. While painting the exterior of your home is time-consuming, if you make this a part of general maintenance each year, you’ll only need to focus on certain areas, like trim. Spot painting can help maintain the beauty of your home for years to come without requiring extra work on your part.

Another thing people always notice is the condition of your roof. Keeping tabs on your roof can help you notice any potential issues before they become much bigger problems. Simply looking at your roof periodically can alert you to algae and other debris. If your roof needs a quick cleaning, buying a noncorrosive roof cleaner is an easy way to make it look like new. There are many specialized roof rinsing tools that effectively spray cleaner into each nook and cranny –be sure to repair any loose shingles first.

Cleaning out your gutters is another way to keep your home looking great and avoid damage to siding and other essential components. This maintenance tip only requires a ladder and a pair of gloves and can prevent costly repairs down the road.

Tips for Your Home’s Interior

Do your interior walls look less vibrant than they once did? If so, mix up a bucket of warm water and mild detergent and wash them. Wiping away the dust will give them an instant facelift. If you’re still not pleased, a fresh coat of paint may be in order.

Your bathrooms are another area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Aside from general cleaning, it’s important to keep an eye out for leaks. Whether it is a drip under the sink or a pool forming around the toilet, leaking water is never a good sign. If you have older hardware, make sure to check it frequently and tighten any pipes that may have come loose.

Lastly, if you have carpeted spaces, consider deep cleaning your carpet. There are many affordable options on the market to help you get rid of stains and dirt that have embedded themselves in your rugs.

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