Looking at Lansdale

Mainland Square is conveniently situated near the Borough of Lansdale in Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County, 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

Before the North Pennsylvania Railroad arrived in the 1850, Lansdale was largely agricultural. By 1900, its industries included foundries, brickyards, as well as manufacturers of cigars, silk, shirts, rope, iron drain pipe, and glue.

Lansdale has been transformed over the years since then.  It is now a place of picturesque neighborhoods. With access to US 476, PA Turnpike, and SEPTA, it is easily reachable by road and rail, with plenty of shopping, services, and amenities. There’s a broad menu of restaurant and dining opportunities. Lovers of movies, music, and theater will find great venues nearby.

The Jenkins Homestead is the Lansdale’s historic epicenter. Home of one of the region’s original settlers, and later a refuge for survivors of the Battle of Germantown, it allows visitors to look into Lansdale’s past.

The Borough’s 21 parks cover more than 170 acres. There are swimming pools, courts and fields for tennis, basketball, football, and soccer, trails for hiking and biking.  Parents love Stony Creek Park, with its playgrounds, fountains, and a labyrinth in the summer, and ice-skating in the winter. There are concerts and performances in the outdoor amphitheater of White’s Road Park. Annual events include Lansdale Day, the Festival of the Arts, Oktoberfest, the Under the Lights Car Show, Bike Night, and TubeChristmas, as well as festive parades for Mardi Gras and Memorial Day. Summertime brings weekly First Fridays and Farmer’s Markets. Lansdale Public Library is a great resource and offers a wide variety of life-long learning programs and cultural diversity.

And not least of all, Lansdale also has a Kugel Ball, a 1,000 pound granite sphere which floats on a thin layer of water and spins with an easy push.

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