Mix and Match Patterns, Paint and Textures

bedroom decor with mixing patternsDecorating your house gives you the opportunity to show off your creative side and convey your sense of style. Getting all of your home décor materials to match and blend together to make one cohesive unit may seem daunting, but there are a few simple rules to follow that will impress your guests. Before you get started revamping the rooms in your house, brush up on these tips from W.B. Homes that will help bring your vision to life.

Use Multiple Patterns of Different Sizes

When planning out how a space will look, make sure to include at least three patterns somewhere in the room. This will keep the aesthetic interesting and provide something new for people to look at over time. The patterns should not be given an equal amount of space, though. Pick one pattern to be the central theme of the room, then two or three others that complement it in a smaller size. For example, a large rug in the middle of a room takes up plenty of square footage and will draw the eyes of visitors. Include some throw pillows on the couch with matching patterns that reinforce the theme of the rug, but keep it fresh with a different texture.

Balance Your Patterns

Just like the size of the patterns, where you place each element with a pattern matters as well. Make sure to keep the room balanced by not overloading one side of the room with patterns while leaving the other side bare. Spread out the patterns on each side of the room, or centralize them all in the middle. Also, keep in mind not to layer your patterns on top of one another. Break up patterns by putting a solid color in the middle so the room doesn’t look too busy and the viewer can digest what’s going on.

Common Patterns

There are many different patterns to choose from when picking out items to place in a room. It helps to have an idea of how you want the room to feel when choosing these elements. Some common patterns and the vibe that they provide include:

  • Floral: This pattern provides a feminine or romantic look. You can often find floral prints on wallpaper, upholstery, and drapes. Floral pairs well with stripes and geometric patterns with the same color like polka dots, but the floral pattern will be the main event.
  • Polka Dots: To give off a fun and playful vibe, use polka dots on accent pieces like pillows in your rooms. Polka dots match well with floral prints, as well as stripes with a similar color.
  • Chevron: This versatile pattern pairs with just about anything with matching colors. Chevron works best on small pieces, where it provides a formal look. But, when used in large doses, it can create a bold and outgoing feeling.
  • Animal Prints: For an eclectic aesthetic, consider using animal prints. This pattern can be used on rugs, pillows, or statement pieces. It pairs well with other graphic prints.

Find Your Style

You have many patterns and colors at your disposal while deciding which home décor materials to include in your house. Following these simple design rules will help you get the most out of your furniture and other pieces to create a specific aesthetic and feeling. If you need some help sparking your imagination, visit W.B. Homes’ design gallery, where you can view various personalization options for the entire house. To learn more about our services or schedule a visit, contact us and we can start the process of finding your new home today.

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