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Touring houses for sale is the fun part of shopping for a new home, but there’s much more involved. W.B. Homes in Pennsylvania wants you to have a successful home-buying experience by sharing some common home buying tips.

Get Pre-Approved

Before you begin your new home search, get pre-approved for a mortgage. Pre-approval lets you know you qualify for a loan and how much you can spend. Financial institutions supply a pre-approval letter to present to sellers and prove you’re a serious buyer who can obtain financing. Our preferred lender is Mortgage America. They offer helpful lending advice and home loan pre-qualification.

Make Lists

Touring numerous homes gets overwhelming and you could lose track of what’s most important to you. Make a list of amenities you absolutely need in a home and a separate list of items you’d like to have, if possible. This keeps you on track and prevents you from getting swayed by fancy amenities you don’t really need.

Research The Neighborhood

Finding the right home is important, but disregarding the neighborhood might land you in an area that doesn’t match your lifestyle. Look for single-family homes in neighborhoods with quality schools nearby, if you have children, or seek out townhouse communities, if you desire low-maintenance living. W.B. Homes builds superior homes in prestigious neighborhoods with desirable lifestyle amenities nearby.

Do Your Homework

Finally, buyers should always do their homework on their builder- ask for references from clients or township officials and research their customer service records.

Contact Our Home Advisor

As a great resource, you can work with a home advisor, like Donna at W.B. Homes. Donna can support you throughout the home-buying process and explore the possibilities of building a new home. She knows all about the types of home we offer, the communities we build in and the neighborhoods within these communities.

If you can’t find the perfect home, let us build one to your satisfaction. We offer an extensive selection of custom home options, so you can get what you want. Contact us to schedule a new home tour and let us show you the home we can build for you!

Meet Donna, Your Trusted New Home Advisor

As a helpful resource, Donna’s here for you. She knows all about the neighborhoods we build and can help guide you towards making the best decisions about your perfect W.B. home.