New Vs. Used: That is the Question!

Exterior of Founders Reserve Model Home

New Vs. Used: That is the Question!

Are you ready for a new place to call home, but grappling between a new custom home and a pre-owned home? One of the biggest decisions to be made during the homebuying journey is whether to connect with a custom home builder and build new or call up a realtor and find a used home. We get it! It’s a big purchase either way—one of the biggest you’ll ever make—which is why we’ve put together the pros and cons of new vs used  to help you out.


A huge perk of building a house is creating a new home design specific to your needs and lifestyle. From selecting the color and material of the kitchen ceramic tile & countertops you look at every single day to choosing a floor plan the best suits your family, the sky’s the limit. Whether it’s a larger kitchen to cook meals or designing a home with ample storage for your growing family, personal customization features keep the day (and your life) running smoothly.

 – New: At W.B. Homes, our design specialists walk you through every single available choice for your single family home or townhome construction. They’ll offer new ideas and help find solutions to existing issues you may have in your current space. We offer one of the most extensive customization catalogs available in the industry, so you can rest assured knowing your new home will be up-to-date on the latest design trends.

 – Used: Customization is still an option with used homes. If you love the character of an older home (we love vintage molding, too!) or are simply up for a challenge, you may prefer finding a home that has “good bones.” From there, you’ll work with professionals to transform it into something new. The key is finding a used house that falls under your working budget, because house renovations are often very expensive.



One of the best feelings in life is when something happens to your home (the heater’s making a weird noise, the roof leaks, your AC stops working in the heat of summer!) and you have a warranty covering the problem.

 – New: The general home maintenance of a new construction home is almost non-existent. W.B. Homes includes a 1-year warranty on everything (yes, everything!), plus a 2-year warranty on major mechanical systems and a 10-year structural warranty. That means less unexpected costs coming your way and enjoying your new home worry-free.

 – Used: While newer pre-owned homes may have warranties on certain features of the house, oftentimes, the warranties will have run out by the time the house is on the market or are non-transferable. Most homes require upgrades, repairs, and scheduled maintenance after 8-10 years.

Energy Efficiency

With more and more attention being put on our planet and our renewable resources, it’s important to us to be good stewards of the Earth. There are little things we can do, like using reusable bags at the supermarket or turning off the lights as we exit a room—but there are also big things you can do within your home to ensure you’re being as energy-efficient as possible.

 – New: From double-paned windows to the latest HVAC systems, newer homes are simply less expensive to heat and cool. At W.B. Homes, we insulate your home strategically so your home is cozy in the winter and cool in the summer—all while helping reduce the impact on the environment (and your wallet!)

 – Used: Pre-owned homes can be equipped for efficiency. But, it does come at a cost. For example, re-outfitting your home with energy efficient windows can cost $19,000 for a 2,450 square foot home, according to Houselogic.


The Unexpected

Have you ever purchased a car and then two weeks later, had a mechanic tell you that there were underlying problems the previous owner didn’t disclose? Unfortunately, that happens with homes, too.

 – New: With a new home, you will still run into an unexpected issue here and then. But, when they do pop up, we’re here to help you navigate! And because there’s not been previous wear-and-tear on the home, most new construction homes don’t produce unexpected problems for many years (that’s what warranties are for, too!).

 – Used: Anyone who’s considering buying a pre-owned home—whether it’s a fixer-upper or only a few years old—should request an inspection. This will help expose potential or existing problems ahead of time. But, inspectors are only human and can only see what they can see! Previous problems like mold or leaking can be hard to detect with the human eye.

We hope that this has been helpful and wish you a Happy Home Shopping experience! Know that we’re here—as one of Philadelphia’s largest privately held custom home builders—to help you every step of the way.

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