Recognizing Employee Milestones | 2016

Every year at our annual W.B. Christmas Party, we take some time to reflect back on the year and acknowledge impressive milestones that our team members have reached.  In 2016, we recognized 3 outstanding employees who have marked yet another milestone with W.B. Homes.


To kick things off, we recognized and thanked Bruce Baldus, Senior Project Manager, for 20 years at W.B. Homes! Thank you also to his wife, Angela, and his two daughters who were just pint size when he joined the W.B. team and are now off to college!







Thanks to Rick Partington, Site Superintendent!  We first met Rick and his wife, Wendy, at church. Rick began with us as a subcontractor , restoring an old farmhouse at one of our neighborhoods. Now Rick, a proud grandfather, has been overseeing and managing the day-to-day construction of our new neighborhoods for the past 20 years.






Chris Slifer joined the W.B. team 15 years ago after a current W.B. employee recommended him for a field position that was open.  13 years later, he moved to the corporate office to take on the position of Project Coordinator.  He still keeps his work boots under his desk so he can walk the construction site when he gets nostalgic.  Thanks to you, Chris, for your diligence.




Thanks to everyone for their dedication and contribution to the continued success of W.B. Homes!  Here’s to many more years!

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