Recommended Weekly Chore Checklist for New Homeowners

laundry room with sink and work areaBeing a first-time homeowner comes with many adjustments and things to learn about maintaining a clean and happy house. One of the major components of keeping an organized home is creating a list of chores for the week. To help you get started, W.B. Homes has put together a brief weekly chore list to give you some ideas.

Washing Sheets

While it may not seem like it, you spend a lot of your time in your bed. That means there are plenty of opportunities for your sheets and pillowcases to get dirty. Every week when you are doing laundry for your clothes, strip down your bed, and add a load of sheets to the wash. There’s nothing better than climbing into a bed with nice, clean sheets, and it will help you sleep with more peace of mind.

Clean the Floor

Giving the floor of the main rooms in your house a good once-over every week will help pick up any dust, hair, and other debris that has been collecting over time. Depending on the surface of your floor, you have a couple of different methods to choose from. If you have hardwood or tile, then you can vacuum, mop, or sweep your floor. For carpeted rooms, stick with the vacuum to keep the floors tidy and dander free.

Organize the Fridge

When you go grocery shopping, there’s a good chance some food will be left over or uneaten. Over time, the food can get pushed to the back of your fridge and easily neglected. When the food spoils, it can create foul odors and messes that are annoying to clean up. Nip this in the bud by going over everything in your fridge once a week and throwing out any food that is going bad or that you are unlikely to eat so you can free up space and keep the interior clean.

Wipe Down the Bathroom

Dirt and grime easily collect on bathroom surfaces. Since you want to feel clean after you step out of the shower, giving the furnishings in your bathroom a good scrub once in a while will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Wipe down the sink and counter, mirror, inside of the shower, and toilet in order to make sure everything is sparkling clean.

Dust Your Furniture

As time passes, dust and other particles from the air will collect on the surfaces of your furniture and appliances. When left for too long, it can make your house stuffy and be an irritant for people with allergies. While you are cleaning, grab a rag and dust off any surfaces that don’t get touched often to remove the buildup that has accumulated. Your house will soon feel fresh and bright.

Check it Off

Creating a list of weekly chores for your home is a great way to stay organized and keep your house clean and inviting. If you’re in the market for a new home, W.B. Homes has several different types of homes to choose from and even offers quick move-ins. Contact us online with any questions, or set up an appointment with our expert home advisors.

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