John Provided Thoughtful Care Post-Hurricane Sandy

I just wanted to let you know of a really nice thing John did for us yesterday. He knocked on our door in the afternoon, asking how we were doing in the aftermath of Sandy. I told him that we didn’t have power, but were otherwise OK. He asked about our sump pump, and I said it was down since the night before, but so far, no flooding. He offered to take a look with me and run his generator, if necessary. We found the water level was right at the top, so he hooked up the generator to not only the sump, but also to the hot water heater, so I could have a warm shower. After he finished taking care of me, I saw him down the street at our neighbors doing the exact same thing.

I’m sure it’s his job to check on the houses that have not yet been sold, but I’m also pretty sure it’s not his job to check on people who have already bought homes. I was amazed at this act of kindness and felt my sincere thank you wasn’t quite enough. I wanted to make sure the head of W. B. Homes was aware of the wonderful employees you have and how much they are appreciated. I’m pretty sure we would have had some water in our Basement if it weren’t for John, and a warm shower certainly made my day!

Everyone in your company has been fabulous to work with and continues to be even after we bought our home! Thank you so much!

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