The Hidden Value in an Unfinished Basement

When looking at homes in Upper Gwynedd PA, you may not realize that an unfinished basement – like the ones in our Wheatley Walk townhomes – are a veritable goldmine. An unfinished basement offers a wealth of possibilities in how you use it, and there’s plenty you can do whether you leave it unfinished or decide to fully finish it at some point.

Some buyers may at first worry that an unfinished basement means more costs and work, but you can do a lot with an unfinished basement as it is. They’re ideal for storage. Simply add some shelving units to keep items organized and easy to reach and you’re set. This is particularly of value if you’re renting a storage unit, as the extra basement storage will save you money.

Even unfinished, a basement is a great place for various hobbies and play. You can install a work table for everything from crafts to potting plants. It can also be a great place for kids to play and explore their creativity, especially on rainy or snowy days when playing outdoors isn’t an option. With less to damage, they can still have fun with chalk, roller skates, tricycles, and more. Plus, they can leave up tents and other toys without them being a distraction as they would be in the rest of the house.

You can always choose to do some light finishing work or partial finishing, depending on your budget. Adding shelving, painting or staining a concrete floor, adding string lights, or finishing one section or one half of the basement can do a lot to make the area pleasant enough for things like a home gym, music space, workshop, playroom, or even a guest suite. Many home owners choose this option for affordability and convenience, finishing the area around the stairs so that guests and even family members can enjoy the finished section and not see the unfinished section which can be used for storage, etc.

Of course, you can always choose to completely finish your basement. This extends the livable space in your home significantly. It can become a home office, home school, rec room, home theater, in-law/guest suite, or whatever best fits your current lifestyle. By making sure there’s at least one room that can be used as a bedroom, as well as a full bathroom, you’re increasing the value of your home by increasing the livable square footage and adding flexibility. You benefit from it now and will benefit from it in the future if you eventually decide to sell.

An unfinished basement level is almost like a gift with purchase. It serves a variety of purposes, no matter the level of finish and you can use it for storage now and then finish it fully or partially in the future, as needed. Any finishing will likely add to the home’s value, so if you’re looking at homes in Upper Gwynedd PA, contact us to learn about our townhomes at Wheatley Walk and see for yourself how our 9’-ceiling unfinished basements will add to the overall appeal of our available properties. Be sure to ask about any special savings options available, as well.

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