Which Features Are Prospective New Homeowners Looking For?

kitchen and living room layoutIn recent years there has been an influx of young home buyers entering the market. These new buyers have very different home purchasing expectations from the generation that preceded them. Knowing what new home buyers want is key to moving houses off the market quickly. Plus, having a firm grasp on buyer expectations means everyone wins by signing. W.B. Homes knows that new homeowners don’t want to compromise luxury for functionality, so we provide an extensive selection of custom designs and new home features that are sure to offer something for everyone. Call our team today at 215-800-3075 to get started on your dream home.

Energy Efficiency

Many new home buyers have a keen interest in conserving energy and saving money. These two principles can be combined through things like Energy Star appliances, eco-friendly insulation materials, and more. By showcasing a home’s energy-saving and money-saving potential, you are showing prospective buyers that you have enduring quality and value in mind.

Smart Storage

New buyers are looking for smarter storage, not necessarily larger storage. Sure, there is always a demand for ample storage throughout a home’s floor plan, but today’s buyer appreciates a home that has clean lines and less excess. Designated spaces for laundry, food, and linens have become more important to buyers in recent years, due in part to the increased value placed on quality time spent with loved ones. Placing storage areas away from common spaces allows buyers to better utilize their floor plans for game nights, family dinners, and other important activities that take place in the home.

One particular type of storage space has become heavily requested by home buyers: laundry rooms. By having a designated laundry room, buyers avoid cluttering their rooms with clothing and laundry supplies. Having floor plans that include a laundry space is a huge plus.

Well-Planned Kitchen Spaces

Eat-in kitchens are particularly attractive to young buyers with small children. When families are on the go, they don’t often have time to utilize a large dining area for every meal. Adding space for a table or adding counter space for dining in the kitchen allows families to enjoy a quick breakfast together before school.

Similarly, another big request among home buyers is walk-in pantries. Walk-in pantries allow families to stock up on the essentials, which helps save them trips to the grocery store and allows families to spend more time together. Kitchens are becoming more communal than they once were, and a well-planned kitchen is a great place for kids to grab a snack, talk to their parents about their day, and for couples to unwind together with a glass of wine at the kitchen counter.

Open Floor Plans

While it might be that previous generations of buyers appreciated doors and walls, today’s buyers want big, bold, and open spaces to call home. Open floor plans honor the need for privacy while also expanding the visual elements of the home. This allows for better communication between family members in the house and makes the living areas feel larger and more inviting to visitors and guests.

Let Us Build Your Dream Home

W.B. Homes has been in business for over 30 years, and in that time we have become experts on what new home buyers want. As needs continue to change, we’ll continue to keep up. We can help you build a beautiful custom home that has all the features you’re looking for and then some. Contact us today to learn more.

Meet Donna, Your Trusted New Home Advisor

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