Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

Imagine living in a countryside-style idyll but in a home designed with luxury in mind. Then add in spacious picturesque views and an in-demand area of Montgomery County. That will be a reality with the development of the new Bayard Estates community of homes in Franconia Township. On top of all of that, you can get in early by signing up for the VIP list, which will allow you to choose from top quality home designs on the lot of your choosing. You can already see some of the benefits of buying a new construction home.

Bayard Estates is going to be a small community of just 22 single-family homes and there will be a whole new batch of home designs for you to further customize, ensuring you get the home of your dreams. While the community gives you the feeling of living in the peaceful countryside, you’re still within easy reach of all of the necessities and enjoyments in life.

Today’s new construction home builders understand that lifestyles have changed and needs have changed and even how we live in homes has changed. So they have adapted how they build new homes. One of the big changes is building homes that are low maintenance and energy efficient. New building practices result in homes that are more efficient throughout the year. Plus, with new construction, you don’t have to worry about unexpected, costly problems in plumbing, roofs, etc. Most new home builders provide a warranty of some sort on the exterior and the interior workings. With a home that is more energy efficient, you save money from day one and you don’t have to worry about big costs, so you can start saving again, for everything from a family vacation to a security nest egg.

One of the features that people really like about new home construction is the opportunity to choose all of the colors, finishes, lighting, etc. With existing homes, you have to make do or make costly changes, even if it’s just painting rooms. With a new home designed to your specifics, you don’t have to change a thing and you know that you’ll be more comfortable in a home that you helped design to fit your personal lifestyle and tastes.  Similarly, home builders are creating home designs that allow for more flexibility so your home can adjust with you through the years. With more people working at home, more homes are coming with flex rooms that can be used as home offices. There are also bonus rooms that can serve a variety of purposes from a playroom for the kids to an extra suite for multi-generational living as more families end up spending time living with more than one generation in the home.

Finally, many communities include amenities within them or are located close to things like parks and shops and more to allow people to spend time enjoying life, rather than wasting time traveling to get somewhere fun. Bayard Estates will focus on spacious green areas for tranquil views, but you can always go out for a walk with your neighbors and get to know each other better. New communities often end up with neighbors connecting and becoming friends, which is a great benefit.

There are numerous other reasons to choose a new construction home, including the fact that many come with brand new appliances or feature design options that let you create a chef’s kitchen or a spa bathroom to make your home truly yours. Plus, if you’re interested in smarthome technology, it’s easier to install when starting from scratch than trying to install it in an existing building.

So if the idea of a new construction home is starting to sound really good, contact us today and make sure you sign up for our VIP list for Bayard Estates. This list will ensure you’re the first to receive neighborhood updates, floorplan & included feature details, special VIP pricing, and the opportunity to reserve your homesite prior to our official grand opening. Those are a lot of great reasons to choose a new construction home from W.B. Homes. Contact us today to learn more about our building processes and our homes in Franconia Township and other areas.

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