Cabinetry And Countertops For Space And Aesthetics

new kitchen with white cabinets and new countertopsCabinet design is a foundational element for any home build or renovation. Cabinets can make or break the kitchen, bathroom and other areas in both function and style, and balancing practical storage with aesthetic design is critical to the overall success of a room. At W.B. Homes, we strive to ensure the cabinets in all our homes meet both style and use needs by following some important best practices in cabinet design.

Cabinets Should Support Efficiency

Whether in the bathroom, kitchen or an entertainment space, cabinets should support efficient use of the room whenever possible. In the kitchen, for example, appliances such as the stove, dishwasher and refrigerator must be incorporated into cabinet design along with elements such as food prep space and sinks. These elements should be incorporated in a way that allows people to prepare meals and complete other kitchen functions without wasting steps. The dishwasher should typically be near the sink, for example.

Cabinets Must Provide Useful Space

The location and interior design of cabinets matters. If all the cabinets in an area are very high, requiring a step stool for access by most people, the functionality of the area is reduced. Likewise, if all the cabinets have interior shelves that limit the vertical dimension of each storage area to 6 or 7 inches, the function of the area is extremely limited.

In most rooms, cabinets should be varied in size, interior set up and location. Cabinets with adjustable shelves inside provide the option for even more useful space, as you can adjust those areas to meet new demands as they arise.

Cabinets Must Conform To The Space

Smart use of space can be paramount in successful cabinet design. Corner cabinets, Lazy Susans, drawers and tilt-out storage are all tools that can be used to maximize the space cabinets are meant to go in.

Cabinets Must Be Beautiful

Cabinets take up a lot of the visual space in rooms such as the kitchen, so you should like how they look. Aesthetic best practices include installing cabinets so they align properly with each other and surrounding elements. Toe kicks, molding and other trim elements add fine touches that make cabinet structures look and feel whole, and finishes can change the entire look of a cabinet. Countertops are also an essential choice. Chopping block counters may be preferred by some in the kitchen as they add functionality, while stone counter tops offer timeless appeal in both bathroom and kitchen areas.

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