Living With Pets in Your New Home

mud room entryMoving into a new home is a major life change that requires you to adapt to a new environment and lifestyle. The same applies to the rest of your family – including your pets. It’s important to keep them in mind during the move and while you are organizing the layout of the house. W.B. Homes has compiled these tips to help your pets stay happy and well-adjusted in your new home.

Set Aside the Essentials

When you are in the process of packing up everything in your old home, it’s easy to get buried under a pile of boxes and lose track of where you put certain things. That’s why it’s common to set aside a box of essential items like a toothbrush, a change of clothes, and medicine that you can keep with you for easy access. Your pets deserve the same treatment so their needs can be met quickly and easily. Some items that should be included in a pet essential box include food, a leash, toys, and any medicine that they take. This will allow your pet to stay occupied and content while you are busy setting everything up in the new house.

Plan Their Space

There are certain space considerations that you must consider when laying out where all of your furniture and appliances will be placed. Remember to keep in mind your pets while you’re planning. You will have to figure out where they will sleep and where to put their food, water, and litter box if they require one. You’ll want to find a space where these things will not be in the way, but also where your furry friends can easily find them when they’re hungry, thirsty, or tired. It may be helpful to wait and see where your pet likes to hang out in the new space, and put their food, water, and toys in that area.

Cleaning Options

Let’s face it, while you may love your pets unconditionally, they can be prone to make messes. Depending on the type of breed or species of your pet, they can be likely to shed a lot of hair or fur. If you are moving into a new home that has carpet, or you have furniture upholstered with luxurious or textured fabrics, pet hair can be a problem. Prepare for this by investing in a robot vacuum that will roam across your carpet and collect hair. You can also pick up some lint rollers that will get the fur off of your furniture. Staying one step ahead of your pets will help create a more stress-free move-in.

Reduce the Hassle

If you’re in the market for a new home, take some of the hassles off your plate by letting W.B. Homes help. Browse one of the several house types or neighborhoods we provide to find the next place you’ll call home. To set up an appointment with our home advisor or to learn more information about the process, please contact us online today.

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