Take a Deep Breath…

W.B. Homes + Aprilaire

Healthy for you, healthy for your home.

Did you know that air inside the home can be up to 5 times more polluted than outside air?

Because of the pandemic, discussions surrounding the importance of ventilation have become part of everyday conversation and for good reason – healthy air systems are the most effective way to prevent the proliferation of airborne viruses. Thankfully the conversation has resulted in important building code changes for new construction homes that set standards for indoor ventilation and air filtration ensuring new home owners are breathing clean air.

W.B. Homes takes air quality seriously. To ensure every buyer leads a healthy life inside their new W.B. Home, we install the Aprilaire Whole-House Healthy Air System. This system ensures air ventilation, purification and humidity control so clean air can circulate throughout all spaces in your home.



How does ApriliaireÒwork?

  1. Ventilation is caused by a difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of your home. All our homes are positively pressurized preventing unwanted air from entering through window and door seams, air leaks etc. This ensures only fresh air is drawn into your home through a controlled location.
  2. Once inside, the air runs through an Aprilaire system that filters out harmful particulates like allergens, molds spores and viruses.
  3. Then the humidity of this clean air is measured and only if it meets the system standards, can it enter the home.
  4. The fresh, regulated air now circulates your home.
  5. The circulated air is then pushed out to allow newer, fresher air to enter your home.

However, in addition to the Aprilaire system, there are other basic measures every homeowner can employ to ensure good air quality and limit indoor air contamination. These include not smoking, properly maintaining all fuel burning appliances (i.e. fireplaces, stoves), avoiding car idling near open windows or intake areas, and limiting the use of candles and air fresheners. If you want to ensure all air is filtered through the Aprilaire system, you will also want to keep doors and windows closed. Though these sound like common sense tips, it is easy to forget them!

Ultimately, clean air is healthy for you and for your home. Now when you purchase one of our homes, you are not only buying the quality that is a hallmark of W.B. Homes, you are gaining valuable peace of mind knowing every breath you take is as clean and pure as possible thanks to Aprilaire’s state-of-the-art Healthy Air System.

Reach out to W.B. Homes Trusted Advisor, Donna, for advice and answers to all your questions regarding our homes, communities and the Aprilaire Healthy Air System.

Meet Donna, Your Trusted New Home Advisor

As a helpful resource, Donna’s here for you. She knows all about the neighborhoods we build and can help guide you towards making the best decisions about your perfect W.B. home.